About Ashley Richards 


Ashley Richards is an experienced and focused mortgage advisor to help any client in any funding situation review their options and help get them in the best loan product to suit their needs. Ashley utilizes her 5 years of commercial real estate experience to help the client understand the refinance and purchasing process from start to finish. Ashley also has a background in marketing, which she now utilizes to help real estate agents grow their visibility and marketing online. Ashley prides herself in being available for her clients anytime, to help the loan process go as smooth as possible, and help navigate unforeseen hurdles if they do arise.

Ashley also has a personal mortgage team which consists of her production partner and manager, Sandy, who has 14 years in lending, and Steve, who handles all the compliance and processing of each loan and has 11 years in lending and is a licensed CPA. This team together comes with over 30 years of real estate, finance, and lending experience to help ensure the loan is done properly, and securely.

In the very complicated world of home mortgage lending, we strive to make the process as easy as possible for our customers. We are a national company and have loan programs for the first-time homebuyer, the veteran, and the most sophisticated luxury homebuyer or investor.

We would be honored to help you or someone you know that is looking to purchase a home or refinance a loan they already have to a lower rate, different program, or to take cash-out. We are here to help you with options or just answer questions on what is available to you.

Our promise to you and all our customers is to give the quality care and personalized service that exceeds expectations with utmost confidentiality.

About Pinnacle Capital Mortgage

PCM_InfoGraphic_CompanyStats1Teamwork. Empowerment. Positivity. Excellence. These four core values describe Pinnacle Capital Mortgage, headquartered in Roseville, CA with locations throughout the west coast, and growing. We all share one vision and practice our core values. We strive to provide only excellent service to our clients and partners and hold great value in being the mortgage lender our consumers turn to.

Pinnacle Capital was founded in January 2008 with the knowledge and efforts of highly experienced lending professionals, with excellent reputations in the mortgage banking field. With this vast pool of experience, we have grown quickly to become a true contender in this industry. This growth was achievable as a result of the quality of people that helped form and create what we call Pinnacle Capital Mortgage.

While the concept of true and solid customer service is not new, it is our purpose and intent to continuously move and adapt within the boundaries of the industry, while providing innovation in the way we offer our service. Our entire team is devoted to our commitment of providing only exceptional service, from our sales team, to our operations professionals, to secondary marketing and to our management team. We invite you to experience Pinnacle Capital Mortgage as your lender for life.

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